State of Florida v. William Lozano

“[T]hank you for your gallant effort in the successful defense of William Lozano. Our recent victory in the William Lozano case was a real team effort, and your skills in witness preparation, strategy for voir dire, and for trial preparation were an invaluable part in that victory. Your willingness to work with us whenever we needed it, and at virtually any hour, was greatly appreciated. Once again I find myself expressing my gratitude for your help with a case. I have no doubt that your insightful ideas regarding the demonstrative trial exhibits had quite an impact, and I am sure that your work with our witnesses would have been extremely effective, had our trial strategy permitted the calling of any witnesses for the defense. I sincerely believe in your value as a trial consultant. You were a great asset during jury selection as well as throughout the entire tedious procedure of this trial. Please know how much all your efforts are appreciated, and I know on whom I can depend the next time around.”

– Roy Black
Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf, P.A.

U.S. v. Willie Falcon and Sal Magluta

“Once again you have come through for me in what was certainly one of the largest and most difficult criminal cases to be tried in the Southern District of Florida. Your effort and dedication was invaluable to our success and demonstrates that nothing is impossible. Over the years, you have become an integral part of my defense team. Your research and advice in the pretrial phase, your assistance at jury selection, your insightful daily trial reports, and of course, your coordination and preparation of the highly effective demonstrative exhibits all contributed to the acquittal of both defendants. TrialTech continues to prove itself to be an invaluable asset.”

– Roy Black
Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf, P.A.

U.S. v. Timothy McVeigh

“I wanted to thank you again personally for the outstanding work that you and your staff did in helping us in what, in retrospect, seems almost an impossible case to have won. At least, we fought it vigorously and the public seems to believe we have acquitted ourselves well, and that result would not have been possible without your help.”

– Stephen Jones
Jones, Wyatt & Roberts

U.S. v. Frank Quintero

“Frank Quintero and I are writing to express our deep appreciation for your participation in our recently concluded trial.  Your assistance in selecting the jury and your support during all these years made a difference.  It will never be forgotten

– Robert C. Josefsberg
Podhurst, Orseck, Josefsberg, et al.

U.S. v. David L. Paul

”I again want to thank you and your firm for your invaluable advice and support during the Paul trial. The full range of your pretrial work, and the work throughout jury selection and trial, was done expertly and efficiently. I look forward to working with you in the future. “

– Stephen C. Neal
Kirkland & Ellis

State of Florida v. Eller Media Company

“Our victory in the Eller case is yet another reason why I work with you and Trial Technologies in all my major cases.  Since 1992, I have come to rely on your insight and ideas, and your uncanny knack to simplify complicated matters for jurors.  I consider Trial Technologies “one-stop shopping.”  Your assistance with focus groups, community attitude surveys, helping to plan trial strategies, and demonstrative planning and preparation make you and Trial Technologies an invaluable part of my defense team.

– Roy Black
Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf, P.A.

Frederick Irons v. City of Ft. Lauderdale

”The real purpose of this letter…is to thank you and your staff for the excellent support you provided in preparing a last minute time-line and a number of exhibits that had to be blown-up and suitably mounted. Most importantly, however, it was your presence at the jury selection, which enabled us to come up with a jury who saw through this case in a very short time and returned a tremendous verdict in our favor. Sure, one can argue it’s the luck of the draw and the order of things over which we had no control. Obviously, that is true to some extent; nevertheless, to be able to select a jury with your input available makes the whole process easier, smoother and much more effective. There simply wasn’t any second-guessing; we were on the same wavelength and we got the jury we wanted. That, my friend, is difficult to do in today’s world.”

– Dieter K. Gunther
Adorno & Zeder, P.A.

U.S. v. Francis Dickson

U.S. v. Walter Browne

“Your help and advices during jury selection in the Dickson…enabled us to select a jury which ultimately acquitted Mr. Dickson of federal bank fraud charges. In addition, we appreciate your assistance in preparing Mr. Dickson for the possibility his testimony would be needed at trial. Also, the focus groups you conducted were extremely helpful in demonstrating what case themes would work for the defense and exposing the potential problems a jury might have concerning the nature of the bank transactions as alleged in the indictment. Further, your assistance in the Walter Browne…played a part in the ultimate result, a directed verdict of acquittal of all charges (tax fraud) by the Honorable Kenneth Rsykamp. Your help, particularly in preparing Walter Browne to testify, if need be, and your observations during the trial concerning the jury and the government’s witnesses [were] most appreciated. We look forward to working with you again.”

Thomas E. Scott
David, Scott, Weber & Edwards

State of Florida v. Mark Waddell

“It has been my privilege to work with you the past three years in connection with several rather interesting and unique cases. I have been impressed by your insight, dedication and outstanding commitment to pretrial preparation, jury selection and in-trial support. I have found you and your firm to be of great and significant assistance to me. Oftentimes you have challenged me to rethink my theories and positions. Your precise focus on the issues has enabled me to “narrow the picture” and make even the most complex of issues understandable to the jury. I wholeheartedly recommend you and your firm, Trial Technologies, Inc., to the trial lawyer who is looking to do the very best for his client.”

– Joel Hirschhorn
Joel Hirschhorn, P.A.

Moreda v. Unisys

”I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your invaluable assistance, support and splendid organization system with the jury simulation in our Moreda case. I most definitely look forward to working with you in the future on additional cases.”

– Joseph J. Slama
Krupnick, Campbell, et al.

In Re: Dupont Benlate Litigation

”Thank you for providing assistance to me in regard to the two Benlate trials which I have recently concluded. Having worked with you on these two lengthy, complex trials, I would like to offer my thoughts in regard to the assistance you provided. I felt that the focus groups were extremely helpful to me in that they assisted me in the selection of exhibits, the refining of my theories, and the orderly presentation of this very complex material…I was also extremely impressed by the shadow juries you provided me in the two trials themselves. I really think that shadow juries are the most useful trial innovation I have seen in many years. The opportunity to get daily feedback from a sitting jury is an asset which cannot be over-estimated…I look forward to working with you again in the near future on upcoming cases.”

– Kevin A. Malone
Krupnick, Campbell, et al.

In Re: Dupont Benlate Litigation

”I want to thank you and your entire staff for the outstanding job you did in helping us get ready for the war. The focus groups were very helpful and even the deposition reviews helped us realize we had to pare them down and tighten them up and we did all of those things. Most importantly, however, was your continued interest and good will. We will always be grateful. Another job well done. Best wishes.”

– Jon E. Krupnick
Krupnick, Campbell, et al.

State of Florida v. Major Aaron Campbell

”I want to express my gratitude for your assistance with our case. Maybe someday there will be a source of funds from which we can all be compensated. Even without it we did what we do. Thank you for the Burden of Proof chart. By now you probably saw it being used on national television. I figured a way to do so without objection and while I surprised and severely angered the prosecution in doing it, they were caught flatfooted. All the courtroom observers thought it was a dramatic visual aid as do I. I look forward to using it in the future. Once again, thanks.”

– J. Cheney Mason
J. Cheney Mason, P.A.

State of Florida v. Dawn Campbell

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in the above-referenced case. Your assistance during the Voir Dire was invaluable. I believe our ability to select fair-minded jurors directly led to Officer Campbell’s acquittal on the perjury charges. In addition, your staff did a wonderful job in preparing officer Campbell for trial. As one of the jurors said after trial during an interview “we found her to be a very credible witness. I look forward to using your services again.”

– Joel Kaplan
Joel Kaplan

U.S. v. Raul Martinez

”Just a few lines to thank you for your participation and sharing your expertise in the selection of the jury in my trials. Even though I was very satisfied with your services, Hopefully I will not need to have to use them again. I also look forward to continue our friendship.”

– Raul L. Martinez
Raul L. Martinez (Former Mayor of Hialeah, Florida)

U.S. v. Stephen Fainsbert

“I am writing to express my gratitude for working with me in the case of Stephen B. Fainsbert. As you know, the jury acquitted our client of 17 counts, including RICO, RICO conspiracy, money laundering, obstruction of justice, pejury and other serious crimes. The acquittal certainly would not have been possible without your invaluable contributions in jury selection and the selection of charts which were utilized as visual aids during trial. Your ideas and comments regarding jury selection and the graphics were the difference. This was a very complex case, which included over 1300 exhibits admitted into evidence during the course of the trial. Without your assistance, I could not have simplified my theory sufficiently to make it understandable and persuasive to the jury. I look forward to working with you in future cases. On behalf of Stephen Fainsbert and our firm, I wish to extend, once again, my gratitude and congratulations for your contributions to this case. Thanks to you, our client is where he belongs — practicing law in California.”

– Jose M. Quiñon
Quiñon & Strafer, P.A.

Waters v. IPMC

Apart from your thoughtful and instructive advice regarding the jury, your assistance before and throughout the trial greatly enhanced our ability to evaluate the evidence and to refine and implement our strategy. The focus group and mock trial you arranged and conducted prior to the trial was a watershed in our thinking and our presentation of the case. All of your services, ranging from simply helping us develop charts and other demonstrative materials to your thoughts regarding our approach and your assistance in the preparation of witnesses, were of the highest quality and of significant value to us. As you know from our dealings since the settlement, I have every intention of bringing you in to help us on other cases wherever possible.”

– Martin I. Kaminsky
Pollack & Kaminsky

State Farm v. PICC

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to commend you for your invaluable assistance in connection with our recent trial.  You did an outstanding job of  helping us make a very complex case really quite simple, and you did so under extremely challenging circumstances.”

– Ross O. Silverman
Katten Muchin Rosenman, LLP