About Us

TrialTech is a jury and trial consulting firm that works with attorneys across America by helping them become more effective and better prepared to deal with important litigation, both before and during trial.

During the last decade, a new technology has emerged, and with it an industry known as trial consulting.  The technology, born from the research of social and behavioral scientists, is designed to determine before the trial the impact of the attorney’s trial story and presentation. Depending upon the technique employed by the litigation consultant, the results can often be a guide to analyzing juror attitudes, identifying strengths and weaknesses of a case, evaluating demonstrative evidence, and predicting the outcome of the case. When used in civil suits, the research can also help in estimating damage awards.

TrialTech provides attorneys with affordable innovations in litigation research for all your trial needs.  Our staff of professional consultants successfully combines the applications of social and behavioral science with state-ot-the-art technology to give attorneys a distinct courtroom advantage.  Whether it be through the use of Focus Group or Mock Trials to the Coordination of Visual Aids, TrialTech is constantly evaluating the latest research tecniques so we can be of better service to the legal community.

In the civil arena, TrialTech has consulted on cases involving personal injury, patent infringement, employment discrimination, class actions and complex commercial litigation. In the criminal arena, TrialTech has been retained by the defense on a multitude of cases including white collar crimes, political corruption, drug conspiracy, money laundering, RICO, sexual offenses, kidnapping and capital murder.