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Social Media and the Internet vis-à-vis Litigation (Part I)

This newsletter is the first installment in a series addressing the issues associated with the use of social media and the Internet in the legal setting. Part I of this series explains how an attorney can advantageously use social media and other online sources in preparing for jury selection. .

TrialTech Online: Jury Research Services

TrialTech is pleased to announce that it is presently providing online jury research services, TrialTech Online, in addition to traditional jury research services, such as mock trials and focus groups. Online jury research is a practical and convenient alternative to traditional methods of jury research that gives our clients the cost-effectiveness and scheduling flexibility that […]

Lessons Learned from the Casey Anthony Trial

After the court read the third and final “not guilty,” everybody under the sun has been wild over the Casey Anthony verdict. Whether you agree with the verdict or not, we hope that you find this month’s newsletter insightful and educational. Below are some of the key issues we wanted to address in light of […]

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